Daniela Dimitrova


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Hello, my name is Daniela!

I am Visual and UX/UI Designer based in Redmond, WA. I enjoy and appreciate design in any form and it is important to me to have comprehension of how other disciplines work and the rules they employ. Learning about different methods, tools, and skills helps broaden my problem-solving libraries and provides me with deeper decision-making context. 

I am currently working at bLoyal - a small B2B company that builds loyalty software solutions. In fact, I am the first and only designer at bLoyal. I am a design evangelist and I dedicate a lot of time educating on the importance of delivering a seamless, frictionless digital experience to all users. At bLoyal I have been working on creating and shaping the company's visual voice and improving the usability and functionality of the bLoyal loyalty management software.

On the side, I work as a lead designer at 1205 Marketing, a creative agency based in Seattle, WA, to design & build visually compelling and interactive experiences for consumer-facing brands, mid-size businesses and start-ups from around the globe.

I am passionate about creating things that matter and helping my clients bring their branding to life and tell their stories visually.  I always dare to venture beyond my boundaries and push past obvious answers in order to create solutions that enhance the human experience.

Offline, I enjoy drawing & painting. I often go running, hiking or sipping a cup of coffee with friends. I get inspired by nature, science, and cultures and do not miss a chance to travel to a new, unknown destination.