Daniela Dimitrova

1205 Marketing

New visual style for a digital marketing agency in Seattle, WA.


Brand identity for 1205 Marketing - an integrated marketing and design agency based in Seattle, WA.

Branding  |  Visual Design  |   May - June 2018


It all started when....

The Chief Marketing Officer at 1205 Marketing - Rion Haber, has initiated a project to elevate the agency brand and create a new visual style that it very unique. He has had a lot of ideas of what he wanted the brand to feel like and had gathered examples of different photography and graphics that in his mind could be combined to create a unique look. 

About the Company

1205 offers a truly unique agency experience, helping clients build omnichannel marketing experiences that help define their brand over all the places that customers engage them. Their services include Design, Branding, Content, Communications, Out-of-Home, Digital, and Public Relations.



Brand Quick Guide

1205 Marketing had a set logo, typeface and colors, but there were not set rules on how those elements are applied to establish a recognizable identity.

This quick guide was designer by Chris Melzer


Mind Map

During the initial brainstorming, a lot of outputs were shared and presented. We started with Batman and then suddenly moved to the 60s American Advertisement decade. 

We used a mind map to visual record all ideas and later analyze them and make connections.



Rion Haber and I put together a moodboard that shows pieces that inspired us. The moodboard is a mix of street art, urban vibes, vintage imagery, newspaper print, bold typography, double exposure, black and white imagery, and historical design posters from the Constructivism era, the Dutch De Stij, and the DA DA movement. The challenge was to combine pieces of this into one unique style.



Throughout the design process, multiple variations that implement the elements of the whiteboard were put together. The first two attempts (left to right) were more artistic and had a surrealist element to them. However, that style was too abstract for the average client. The agency was looking into something that is more real and that has a more professional vibe. 

That led to a new style, one that used imagery of creatives and urban elements and combined them into a collage. This approach was interesting and closer to the initial idea. However, the gothic elements and shades made this style way too dark for the purposes of the brand.

The last variation was what we decided to settle at. It was clean and used white space generously. The use of colorful geometric shapes created balance and established a pattern that could be applied everywhere. A black and white threshold effect was used on all photography to mimic old newspaper footage and create light texture.


Brand Stationary

An example of how the brand elements are used on business cards, marketing, and the agency's website.